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Stratifying Risk of Nonadherence in Lingual Strengthening Dysphagia Rehabilitation

"The aim of this study was to construct an algorithm for stratifying risk of nonadherence to a lingual strengthening dysphagia treatment program."

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Surgical Outcomes in Zenker Diverticula: A Multicenter, Prospective, Longitudinal Study

This study "compared improvement in patient-reported outcomes (PROM) in persons undergoing endoscopic and open surgical management of Zenker diverticula (ZD)."


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Alterations in White Matter Microstructural Properties after Lingual Strength Exercise in Patients with Dysphagia

"This pilot study measured changes in microstructural white matter to capture alterations in neural signal processing following lingual strengthening exercise."

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Effects of Device-Facilitated Lingual Strengthening Therapy on Dysphagia Related Outcomes in Patients Post-Stroke: A Randomized Controlled Trial

"The purpose of this study was to examine efficacy of progressive lingual resistance training on lingual pressure generative capacity and swallowing outcomes for individuals with dysphagia after stroke."

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"The purpose of this study was to determine whether differences in MBSImP component scores represent differences in underlying swallowing mechanics."

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Dose in Exercise-Based Dysphagia Therapies: A Scoping Review 

"This study dives into literature to bridge the unclear gap in optimal exercise does for exercise-based approaches to dysphagia research. This work is largely focused on promoting detailed consideration of dosing parameters in dysphagia exercise treatments in intervention planning and outcome reporting."

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DRL photo 6_edited_edited.jpg

Published September 11th, 2023

Authors: Kailey Vitale, W. Ryan Powell, Brittany N. Krekeler, Joanna Yee, and Nicole Regus-Pulia

DRL radiology pic_edited.jpg

Published May 17th 2023


Published May 16th, 2023

Authors: Rebecca Howell, Christopher Johnson, Jacqui Allen, Mekibib Altaye, Milan Amin, Semirra Bayan, Peter Belafsky, Brian Cervenka, Brad Desilva, Gregory R. Dion, Dale Ekbom, Aaron Friedman, Mark Fritz, John Paul Giliberto, Elizabeth Guardiani, Jan Kasperbauer, Bradon Kim, Brittany N. Krekeler, Maggie Kuhn, Paul Kwak, Yue Ma, Lyndsay L. Madden, Laura Matrka, Ross Mayerhoff, Mallory McKeon, Cyrus Piraka, Clark A. Rosen, Meredith Tabangin, Shaun A. Wahab, Keith Wilson, Carter Wright, VyVy N. Young, Gregory Postma

DRL photo 1_edited.jpg

Authors: Brittany N. Krekeler, Kate Davidson, Cagla Kantarcigil, William Pearson, Julie Blair, Bonnie Martin-Harris

Published: October 17th, 2022

Published June 8th, 2022

Authors: Brittany N. Krekeler, Jiancheng Hou, Veena A. Nair, Vivek Prabhakaran, Nicole Rusche, Nicole Rogus-Pulia, JoAnne Robbins

Lingual Exercise in Older Veterans With Dysphagia: A Pilot Investigation of Patient Adherence

"It has been established that low adherence is a key issue in dysphagia treatment and management. This article explores the relationship between levels of adherence and outcomes from exercise-based interventions that have yet to be explored."

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DRL photo 7_edited.jpg

Published May 11th, 2021

Authors: Brittany N. Krekeler, Joanne Yee, Sarah Daggett, Glen Leverson, Nicole Rogus-Pulia

DRL photo 4_edited.jpg

Published March 5th, 2020

Authors: Brittany N. Krekeler, Linda M. Rowe, Nadine P. Connor

Device-Assisted Therapy for Lingual Function Rehabilitation: A “How To” Guide for Clinicians

"The article includes a tutorial that aims to provide a detailed guideline for clinicians on how to apply currently available evidence for implementation of lingual rehabilitation exercises."

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DRL photo 8_edited.jpg

Published November 22nd, 2023

Authors: Veena Kallambettu, Farah Kaval, Brittany N. Krekeler

Health Factors Associated with Development and Severity of Poststroke Dysphagia: An Epidemiological Investiagation 

"The goal of this research is to investigate incidence of dysphagia after stroke in a large retrospective, population-based data set to determine what patient-specific factors may influence dysphagia status or severity of impairment" 

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Published March 27th 2024

Authors: Brittany N. Krekeler, Heidi J. P. Schieve, Jane Khoury, Lili Ding, Mary Haverbusch, Kathleen Alwell, Opeolu Adeoye, Simona Ferioloi, Jason Mackey, Daniel Woo, Matthew Flaherty, Felipe De Los Rios La Rosa, Stacie Demel, Michael Star, Elisheva Colemen, Kyle Walsh, Sabreena Salvin, Adam Jasne, Eva Mistry, Dawn Kleindorfer, Brett Kissela 

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